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Evidence Based and Peer Reviewed

Our award winning comics are written by doctors using language and relatable characters children can understand. All of Jumo’s educational content is reviewed by pediatric experts with extensive knowledge of specific conditions and diseases.

Community Endorsed

Hundreds of patient advocacy groups and associations around the world endorse Jumo content as a credible source of information for young patients and their families.

Stories That Children Will Connect With

We explain complicated medical conditions and procedures by sharing the experiences of children who have lived it—all in an engaging story format.

Just For You

Listen to a podcast. Curl up with a comic book. Play a game on your phone or tablet. Jumo’s content is delivered in a variety of ways to suit every age and preference.

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Create a family account adding members and the conditions that are most important to you. We’ll even provide best in class content from other medically vetted sources all in one easy to use account.

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